Friday, August 1, 2014

Welcome to where now??

Well it's been 2 weeks that we've moved away from my hometown in Texas to the middle of nowhere in Kansas. We've been so busy getting things unpacked and moved and getting used to our new town, I haven't had time to miss home.....until today. Super duper homesick today. 

When we set out 2 weeks ago to join my husband in Kansas, I was actually excited to come here and see my hubby and set out on a new adventure. He said the town was small and that there really wasn't much to so wasn't joking. It (literally) took us about 10 minutes to "explore" the main part of the town. A drive down Main Street. Yay! Can you sense the sarcasm? Now, I'm not from a too big town in Texas, but I'll tell ya it's a city compared to here. 

Absolutely NO offense to anyone who lives here and/or loves it here. But some towns aren't meant for some people, ya know what I mean?! Just like the man setting up our wifi said, "Well you may not like it here and you may be ready to go back to Texas, but if I were to move anywhere else I'd be happier'n a tic on a hound to just come back here!" <---I'm not making that up! Haha he was seriously a bright light that day! =) 

So, here I sit in this weird-smelling, something-going-wrong-everyday rent house (I'll leave that story for another day) writing to you, praying to find little glimpses of that silver lining, asking if you've ever been somewhere that has TOTALLY made you miss home?! Let me know...I'll be waiting =)

Hugs and Kisses my beautiful friends!

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